The Philippine Law Review (PLR) is now accepting submissions for its regular issues to be published in 2020-2021. The PLR is an online peer-reviewed journal managed by the faculty of the University of the Philippines College of Law. Its aim is to embody the mandate of the faculty to generate innovative and relevant research output as well as to disseminate knowledge on developments in different fields of law.

The PLR welcomes papers submitted by faculty members of local as well as international schools of law, LL.M. students, and legal professionals. The journal invites articles with an interdisciplinary approach, and works that display advanced legal thinking rather than a formulaic restatement of the law.

Articles will be selected based on blind-peer review by an expert panel composed of faculty members of local and foreign law schools and will be published online as soon as these are reviewed and finalized. A fast-track acceptance and review process is available for works by senior faculty, as well as for papers accepted and presented at international conferences.